MCSA Supersprint Round 2, June 2014

Some more good news – we have another new Fiat on the track at Mallala for the MSCA super sprints!

Greg Schultz has been building his beautiful X1/9 1500 for some years now, and at last has got to run it on the track. Not only did he have a trouble free run (quite an achievement on it’s own for a new car), but has already set the benchmark for speed with a maiden 1:26.5 lap! we will watch with interest, but Greg’s definitely on the move.

Also competing were club members Garren Harrell and Mike Coles. Garren in the MX5 getting faster and faster as he gets used to the MX5 and the new tyres, and Mike struggling in the Alfa with diabolical handling after making some suspension “improvements”.

Dreary wet Mallala weather greeted us