FOR SALE – FIAT 500/VW Project Car – SOLD


Fiat 500/VW Project Car. 1970 Fiat 500F with VW 1600 air cooled engine.

Rust free, straight Fiat 500 with all of the hard work done to install a modified VW1600 engine and transaxle.

Most underpinnings are complete, powder-coated and ready to bolt in, including double wishbone front suspension with disc brakes, rack & pinion steering, modified rear suspension with disc brakes, Porsche 914 aftermarket seats, Abarth instrument binnacle with Fiat 124 gauges, completed, but unpainted ½ roll cage, 5 Chromodora magnesium wheels with new 175/50 x 13 tyres, custom made space saver spare. Many, many new or recond parts and spares from the original car and donor Fiat 126 (FSM Niki) included. Every nut, bolt and fastener has been zinc plated.

Engine is VW 1600 air-cooled featuring new crankcase, new chrome-moly counter weighted crank, new barrels & pistons, new full gas flowed heads with oversize valves, high ratio rockers, new Engle 110 cam, twin 36mm webers.

Minor fabrication, painting and final assembly are all that’s required to complete.

Conceived as a street & tarmac rally car this project has progressed slowly due to health issues which now force sale. Much head scratching, engineering and bodywork has gone into its construction. Type approval from Dept of Transport is at hand.