Important Notice

Upcoming Events

Mid-week Coffee Run – Thursday 19 May 2022 – 11:00

Venue: The Cottage Bakery, 196 Main Road, McLaren Vale
The mid-week Coffee Run – sometimes referred to as ‘ The Retiree’s Run’ has been created for those members who have the spare time for a coffee, some brunch, and a yarn about all things Fiat and Lancia with fellow members and enthusiasts. Simply meet up at the designated Cafe around 11am. See you there.



Flaggies for Super Sprint – June 19th at The Bend

The MX-5, AROCA, MBMRC, Volvo, Supra and Fiat-Lancia clubs are on duty for flag marshals at the Super Sprint, at the west circuit at The Bend Motorsport Park, on June 19th. As 22 personnel are required to safely monitor and marshal the track, it would be appreciated if all clubs could ask their members if they could make themselves available to assist on this day. All marshals will be provided with lunch.

If you would like to participate please contact the club ASAP