We are an eclectic group of motoring enthusiasts of FIAT, Abarth and Lancia automobiles. Our aim is to foster interest in classic cars like the X1/9, Beta and Bambino, and contemporary cars like the 500 and 124 Spider.

Established in 1978 by a group of South Australian enthusiasts, members of our club enjoy tinkering with, talking about, and – most importantly! – driving our FIATs and Lancias. To date we have over 60 financial members both in SA and nationally. We have members with young families, retirees, youthful members both in body and young at heart!

Regardless of age, ethnicity, driving interests or demographic, each of our members share a passion with our motori italiani – whether buzzing about town in a 500c, or cruising through the hills, top-down.

So, whether you have a FIAT 500 as your daily runabout, or, an exotic classic as your weekend indulgence, if you have a passion for Italian motoring, we are the motoring enthusiast club for you!