Historic Registration

If your car is 25+ years old you may be eligible to access the South Australian Historic Registration Scheme.

This allows you to drive your old classic car or motorcycle for up to 90 days per year for a concessional registration and insurance rate of around $90 pa.

The requirements:
*You must be a Financial Member of our Club,
*Your vehicle must be 25+ years old in the current calendar year,
*Your vehicle must be substantially original (legal upgrades and modifications are acceptable),
*Your vehicle must be in a roadworthy and safe condition,
*You must complete an entry in your Log Book for each day’s drive.

See the South Australian Registration page here

Our Club Inspectors are happy to inspect your vehicle and issue the MR334 Approval Form, once your car is registered on the Club Registration Scheme our Registrar will issue you with your Log Book.

Contact us for further information.

Note: If you have a vehicle on historic registration with a Log Book issued by this club – you must advise us if you are not renewing your club membership – so that we can cancel your logbook with the proper authorities. Historic logbooks are not transferable between clubs or owners.