MCSA Trophy Picnic, February 2016

The MSCA Trophy Picnic was held in a beautiful park setting in Mount Barker on Sunday 28th Feb, and a small group of members gathered for a picnic lunch. Hopes weren’t all that high for too much success this year, maybe a class win, and Garren Harrell rewarded us with one of them.

Then, completely out of left field, the most prestigious award of the competition, the most successful driver across all classes, the MSCA Champion Driver of 2015 – Garren Harrell. We shouldn’t have been surprised – Garren has excelled for years at not only driving brilliantly, but preparing the car himself and smiling through thick and thin. With hindsight, he could have done it with one arm tied behind his back!

Fiat Lancia Car Club of SA at Mount Barker picnic