WANTED: White FIAT 128 Sedan

I’m after a White, FIAT 128 as sold recently sold on Gumtree earlier this year (listed for $3500). It has a 1500cc modified engine.

The car was located in Port Naorlunga, south of Adelaide and it also had a bit of racing history. It is exactly what I’ve been looking for and I was extremely disappointed to have missed the chance to buy it.

What I’m hoping for is that someone somewhere may know where this car has ended up, and further hoping that I may be put in contact with the person who purchased it and see if I can make them an offer to purchase it..?

I know it’s a long shot, but hopefully worth a try.

For enquiries Contact:

Orio Randi on 0405-539-031 or oriorandi@gmail.com

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